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The National Park of the Casentinesi Forests can be visited with pleasant excursions on foot, by mountain bike , on horseback or, in winter, with hiking skis and snowshoes, along the approximately 600 kilometers of the trail network.

In addition to the more challenging trekking routes, there are 9 Nature Trails in the Park area, short itineraries located in easily accessible areas, whose main feature is that they are designed to show the particularities encountered along the way, and which could easily escape visitors. less careful or less prepared.

The Park Authority, especially through the managers of its structures, organizes numerous initiatives on the territory of the protected area, as well as other subjects that operate there.

On the official website of the park it is possible to consult the calendar, in chronological order, of excursions , naturalistic evenings, educational activities , various kinds of events .

It allows groups lovers of nature and families to go hiking together: even the less powerful can stay abreast of others with this small, almost invisible ” help .”

The Casentino offers vistas and glimpses overtime and pleasure only the discovery of places still intact .

A rich choice of itineraries, without worries you can reach destinations such as Stia, Porciano, the castle and the parish church of Romena, Castel SanNiccolò, Montemignaio and Poppi, the Apennine passes of Consuma and Calla, the monasteries of Camaldoli, La Verna and Vallombrosa and the beautiful forest roads of the Casentinesi Forest Park.

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