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3 fun activities to do on a weekend in Sydney

Sydney is the place that carries all the tourist hot spots in its vicinity. Being a popular city in Australia, it is a famous tourist destination for many. It has a rich cultural heritage, excessive architectural landmarks, the sea itself that is stretched out in the open, delicious food and not to mention the history that has surfaced the city to its presence. You can find everything in this city.


But the trouble comes when you are planning a melbourne weekend getaways and you cannot decide which place would fit best into those two days. It is always hard to plan for the weekends because there is little time but you want your hours stretched for the fun. However, weekends are sometimes the only vacation time that your life allows. Hence, there is no need to sit when you can plan for the best weekend in Sydney. And we can tell you how.

Ride the ferry

The ferry is the essence of the ocean at Sydney. People living there use it as a means of traveling but if you are looking to explore, you can always scooch your way in and inhale the depth of the magnificent sea. The sea looks completely calm and dominant when you ride the ferry. It offers a great perspective and gives you relaxation on your weekend getaway.


Apart from that, you will witness the whole of Sydney from your eyes up at the ferry. You will pass the Sydney Opera House, the beaches and even the local zoo. You can also take out your time to enjoy Many to Spit Walk. It is a walking trail between the beaches and takes about four to five hours to complete depending upon your fitness. However, you do not have to walk the whole trail if you do feel tired on the way.

Sydney harbour bridge

This bridge is an architectural masterpiece. You can visit here anytime. But it is recommended to go there at the crack of dawn or by the sunrise. It offers a magnificent view of the city and the bridge itself. If you wish to cross the bridge faster, you can take the express climb.it may be shot but it takes you inside the cage of the harbour bridge where you are surrounded by the metal crafted structure. However, if you have the time on your weekend getaway, you should climb it the whole way and explore the horizon up from the bridge.

Bondi to Manly walk

This place is an adventurous ride in the form of a 80 kilometers hike in Sydney. It connects trails within the city and allows locals and tourists to travel along the coastal and city pathways. You will pass coastal trails, restaurants, Harbour bridge, suburbs and the harbour itself. Do find the time in your weekend getaway to visit the Grotto point. It has an engraved structured wall where impressions of Australia’s popular wildlife are present. Like a kangaroo, marine life in the form of whales and a few fishes and a boomerang.

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